Busy Mom's Guide to Bullet Journaling – How Is A Bullet Journal Different?

How Bullet Journaling Is Different From Other Journals

You might already be able to tell how using a bullet journal is different than other forms of journaling, and know why it is so helpful for busy moms, but let’s sum it up just in case you aren’t already familiar!



There are several key differences between a bullet journal and a traditional journal or planner, outlined below:

1. Just one journal is used for everything!

First of all, you don’t have just a gratitude journal or just a diet and fitness journal with bullet journaling.

You get to have everything in a single journal.

How cool is that?!?!

This is why it is good to choose a thicker journal, but one that is easy to write in.

  • The hardbound books are great but can be hard to deal with, and you want to avoid any that use glued in pages as the binding may crack over time and become loose or lost.
  • You can also use a softer journal that is easy to turn pages, fold, and manipulate in order to draw on the pages and use quickly without too much fuss. Many of these are refillable as well.

I ended up selecting this one because of the elastic closure and pocket in the back:

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2. Another difference with a bullet journal is that it has sections for each form of journaling, and also includes an index for easy reference.

The sections are how you sort out your gratitude journal, bucket lists, daily planner, and more. There are some really creative ideas for different sections and topics, but it is best to just start with the basics.


3. Short sentences and bullets are used in place of long sentences.

You will still do some writing using short sentences, and the basic bullets determine which type of entry you are making, either a task, an event, or a note.

  • Tasks are any actionable item, and you go one step further with them to mark them as completed, migrated to a later date, or scheduled.
  • Events are items with a date attached, so either you schedule them or you write about them as a logged entry after they occur.
  • Notes are facts, ideas, thoughts, and observations. Anything that you want to remember, but that isn’t currently actionable.

Matt Ragland

4. Signifiers, or symbols used to represent moods and situations, are another key difference in bullet journaling.

Signifiers are good for quickly understanding what was going on during an entry or when making marks about how a day went in a monthly calendar view on one of the pages. These are yet another way you can customize your bullet journal to fit your life and personality.

Many people also choose to use different colors as signifiers, so their bullet journals really stand out from the crowd!

Personally, I am in love with the Papermate Flair pens for my bullet journal. But since they are a felt-tip style and work best for thicker pages,  I use the InkJoy style when my pages might bleed through.

4. A bullet journal is truly flexible.

Organizing your life as a busy mom is much easier to do with a bullet journal than any other. You can keep track of finances, schedules, growth charts, to-do lists and more!

Other long-form journals can still be good for relieving anxiety, getting out your emotions each day, and helping to find triggers for emotional eating. You should still have these as a part of your routine if they are issues you are facing.

However, with a bullet journal, it is good for organizing all the different areas of your life that you feel need a little more order. If you feel that you want to include additional journal types like those mentioned above, make sure to check out all of the great ideas for habit tracking, self-care, and mental health that others have already designed!

So what do you think?

Is a bullet journal a good option for you?


10 Coolest Family-Friendly Subscription Boxes You Don't Want To Miss!

Family-friendly subscription boxes are popping up everywhere these days, and they’re one of the easiest ways to discover new products or contribute to family fun!

But if you’ve been on the internet long, you’ve likely seen thousands of different boxes advertised and may need some advice about which one would be best to try.

So, to make your choice a little easier, I thought I’d share 10 of my favorite (and fun) selections. These family-friendly subscription boxes range from flowers and festivities to cooking and crafts. Don’t miss out on the fun!

1. Kidstir.com

Cost: $12.95 and up

What’s Included: Kidstir kids cooking kits are designed to spark a love of good food in kids! Children ages 4-12 (and their parents, grandparents, aunts/uncles and other special grown-ups) love cooking with Kidstir. Kidstir is focused on building a 12-month cookbook through a family-friendly subscription box delivered monthly.

  • 3 step-by-step recipes that are simple and easy for children and grown-ups
  • 2 kid-sized cooking tools that get children involved in hands-on fun
  • 1 special extra item, like stickers, gift tags, door hangers, food decorating templates, name cards, conversation cards, or a puzzle book
  • 3 foodie education pages about all aspects of food, including culture, vocabulary, science, math and more
  • 3 fun and learning-filled games and activities 
  • 1 fresh food shopping list that is enclosed in the kit and emailed ahead of time
  • A weekly e-newsletter packed with more digital recipes, tips and tricks, and handy printables

Prepaid 12 month subscriptions also include a BONUS cookbook binder shipped alongside your first kit- a $24 value!

Shipping: If you select the current month as your start month, you’ll receive your first kit later in the same month. After that, your future monthly kits will arrive around the middle of each month.


2. Baby Booth Box

Is your baby a boy or girl?

Cost: $40.00

What’s Included: A Monthly themed baby photo shoot in a box! FREE milestone blanket for new subscribers! Every box comes with photography props for the perfect photoshoot:


For Mama:

  • Free Milestone Blanket
  • One unique gift (bath bombs, facemasks)
  • Coupon codes & Freebies from baby-centric brands [/left]


For Babies under 12 months:

  • 3+ photography props
  • scarves
  • glasses
  • shoes


Shipping: Shipping on the 5th of every month!

3. Bark Box 

Cost: $20 – $35

What’s Included: Give snack time and playtime an upgrade with BarkBox! A new themed subscription box every month, and every BarkBox has at least 2 innovative toys, 2 all-natural bags of treats, and a chew, curated from each month’s unique themed collection.

Shipping: Your first box ships immediately. Following boxes ship on the 15th. Shipping is always free!

4. Brick Loot


Price: $24.88 and up, Plus Shipping ($6 US)

What’s Included: You will receive a Brick Loot box filled with LEGO and brick related items. We search high and low for the newest, coolest and most outrageous items you will not find at your local toy store. All items are hand picked by our LEGO loving team and sure to leave you with a BIG smile! 

Brick Loot is the creation of 9-year-old Parker Krex (now 13)… how cool is that?!?!

Shipping: Boxes ship out the 10th of each month.


5. Little Passports

Price: $12.95 – $18.95

What’s Included: We offer fun and engaging options for children ages 3-13 with several different payment plans. We’ve carefully designed and hand selected each of the packages to ensure your child has a fun and educational experience:

  • Early Explorers packages include activity books, stickers, Flashlight Adventures, and souvenirs.
  • World Edition packages include letters from Sam and Sofia, souvenirs, photos, stickers, activity sheets and access to online games and activities.
  • USA Edition packages include activity journals, postcards, stickers, pop-out models and access to more information, games, and activities online.
  • Science Expeditions include a comic book, experimental guide, tools for hands-on experiments, stickers and online bonus materials. 

Shipping: Except for the first box, packages ship around the middle of the month.


6. Bluum, Inc.

Price: $34.00

What’s Included: In a nutshell, bluum is a monthly subscription box for awesome, busy parents, to help discover new products to make life with babies, toddlers and preschoolers easier and more fun. 

Your family-friendly subscription box includes four or more full-sized products each month, curated for you based on your child’s birth date and gender, always with a combined retail value of $45 or more! Products will be relevant to your family, curated for your child’s age and stage, and delivered monthly to surprise and delight you and your little one.

You can bluum from your first month of pregnancy all the way until your bluum baby is in preschool (up to 5 years old), and we know how fast that time flies by!

Shipping: When you first subscribe, your first box will ship within 5 days of ordering. After that, your child’s box will ship on or around the 9th of each month.

7. Disney Princess

com - Monthly Activity box
Price: $22.99 and up

What’s Included: A surprise box filled with unique items that portray magical stories and encourage children to Dream Big! Each magical box transforms into a scene from the story and may include Princess figurines, fashion accessories, goodies and our eco-friendly box.

Shipping: Depends on when you sign up: Disney Princess Pleyboxes are released every two months (January, March, May, July, September, November and January) Accounts started before the 7th of the month following a release month will receive the current box. If you sign up from the 7th and on, you will receive the following box scheduled (ie: signup by 4/6 for a March box).

8. FabFitFun

Cost: $49.99 after the first box

What’s Included: You’ll get a seasonal box filled with 8-10 full-sized, premium products valued at over $200. Each season choose products & add-ons you want in your box. Or keep it a surprise. You’ll love it either way!

Indulge in the best in beauty, fitness, wellness, home, and everything in between. Don’t forget to #fabfitfun when you share! With your membership, you can work out anywhere with FabFitFunTV and shop exclusive member sales.

Shipping: Your first box will ship within 10 days of purchase.


9. National Geographic

com - Monthly Activity box
Price: $17.99 and up

What’s Included: A surprise box filled with unique items that teach about animals, nature and our world. Travel to new countries every other month and rescue an extinct animal while having fun! Each box includes activities, toys & accessories including educational digital games themed around an ecosystem, that kids love to play with and share. These toys & accessories can include, tattoos, wristbands, stickers, pins, animal fact cards, figurines and educational digital games that explore our planet.

Learning also continues online. Using a secret code included in the mission kit, kids log in to Mission Center to join our characters Kia and Kyle on an exciting virtual adventure.

Shipping: Once you sign up you will receive the first box within 30 days. The stories are sequential so it will always start at the first box after you sign up.


10. BloomsyBox.com

Monthly Flowers

Save $5 on your first month at BloomsyBox! BLOOMSYA5

Cost: $39.99 and up

What’s Included: Each monthly subscription box contains a fresh handpicked bouquet delivered directly from our farms around the world. Our blooms come in three sizes—Small, Medium and Large. You can also order a single delivery or subscription as a gift!

From selecting only the finest seasonal blooms or traditionally beautiful bouquets, every bloom will be carefully cosseted in our signature Box for a flawless arrival at your door. Seasons change and so will your Bloomsy Box!

Shipping: Your first BloomsyBox will be delivered within 5-7 days after order. All other deliveries will be made between the 16th or the 23rd of each month unless specified otherwise.


Did you find a new favorite subscription box to try? I ordered a few, so be on the lookout for some unboxing videos coming up soon! I would love to see what cool family-friendly subscription box you get 🙂