A Real Reason To Overcome Fear

I wish I could say that I have all the answers.

I certainly don’t.

What I do have are a hell of a lot of “been there, done that” stories that have brought me to where I am today.

And by sharing them, my hope is that you can laugh with me, cry with me, and see that we all have something to offer – even if we do have to dig really deep inside.


As part of my commitment to improving my own mental health I have been working my way through various journaling prompts to help with anxiety and depression, as well as overcoming fear.

No big deal, just exercises that make me dig a little deeper into my fears and anxiety than I usually want to go.


What are you grateful for today?

Definitely not pollen, but the warmer weather is nice.

Certainly grateful that it’s almost the end of the school year and we will be at the beach in no time at all.

Gotta get to three things per the instructions, so probably something to do with it being my daughter’s birthday.

Even though it makes me sad to see her growing up so quickly, I am grateful that we were able to have such a wonderful space cats celebration with our family in honor of her birthday.

Yes, space cats!


Next question. What are you afraid of?

Imagine me spitting my coffee across the room because that is exactly what happened.


Let’s try it a different way.

What am I not afraid of?

Um, not much. Storms – I actually like those.

Being alone – literally my favorite way to be.

Annnnnd not much else.

There is no way I could write out what all I am actually afraid of because it’s literally almost everything.

Just ask my mom.

Or my husband.

Or my kids…


Continuing on. What has that fear kept you from doing? 


Joke’s on me today because apparently these journal prompts are really intended to make me write a novel.

Again…literally everything.


Have you ever had a moment of clarity?

Where the big picture just comes out of nowhere and hits you like a ton of bricks?

Or a meteor, maybe?


Yeah, that’s me right now.

All of the things that I have wanted to do, and couldn’t.

All of the things I thought I would do, and didn’t.

All of the things I want so badly for my girls, but don’t embrace them myself.






The willingness to stand up for yourself and proudly say “this is me, take it or leave it.”


And you know what? I have taught them well.

Both of my girls are free spirits who know exactly what they like and what they don’t.


But I’m afraid that they need more from me than just encouraging words.

They need me to be an example.


I have spent my entire life trying my best to avoid having to face my fears. 

I fear being judged…so I try to fit in. 

I fear getting in trouble…so I follow the rules. 

I fear putting myself out there…so I miss out on some of life’s most important opportunities. 


Easy enough when it was just about me.

I didn’t mind missing out one bit if it also meant avoid potential failure.

But now, it’s not just about me.

It’s about the people that I could be helping and the example that I can set for my girls along the way.

As much as I like to avoid any and everything that could cause me any type of discomfort, my meteor shower of clarity today has made me realize one thing: I finally have a real reason to take the steps to overcome my fears.

Actually, I have two of them. 

And I want more than anything to make them proud.


Do you have a real reason for wanting to overcome your fears, or have you had a meteor shower hit you recently? I would love it if you let me know in the comments below!

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