Get Ready For The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018 – The Best Way To Beat Overwhelm!

Making a home is way harder than it looks!

When it comes to homemaking, it’s never any one thing — the family members who need constant reminders or the daily kitchen clean-up duties or the budget and financial woes or the parenting “what-the-heck-am-I-doing” moments or the basement suddenly flooding- no, it’s not any of those things in particular.

The hardest part about homemaking?


It’s the cumulative effect of juggling all of the different and neverending roles and responsibilities and circumstances we face as moms each and every day and trying so desperately to give each of them our best.

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle
We want to lead beautiful, joyful, meaningful lives.
We want our homes to feel organized, functional and inviting.
We want to raise our families lovingly and intentionally.
We want to invest in ourselves and continually grow as people.

All of these things are good. But that doesn’t make them easy.

The reality is, we can all use a little help along the way from other women who have strengths in areas where we struggle or who are a little further down the road than we are. They say “it takes a village,” but in this day and age we often have to create our own village.

What if you could finally learn to organize and swipe simple decluttering methods to keep your household running smoothly most of the time?

What if you could find strategies for balancing ALL THE THINGS that come with homemaking– without going crazy and without compromising what’s most important to you?

What if you had real meal planning help and could serve your family quick & healthy meals without spending hours stressing over what to cook for dinner?

What if you found ideas to improve your relationships – your faith, your marriage, and your parenting?

And what if you could find the support you need to create an intentional home and life – one that falls in line with your values and dreams?

Well, you can. 🙂

I’m so excited to tell you about the 2018 Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, a digital library of resources and tools to help you in all these areas and more!

It includes products like eBooks, online courses, printables and planners, audio files, membership sites and more, crammed into one unbelievable collection, for a ridiculously low price. Like seriously low!

Ultimate Bundles creates a lot of different bundles, but this particular one has been running for 6 years (with brand new products each year!) and it’s their most popular bundle EVER.

Over 100,000 women have picked one up since 2013.

I love working with this family-run company because they care so much about the value and quality of each bundle and their customer service is amazing.

First of all, this is the first year the specially-formatted eReader files are included, so you’ll have a smooth reading experience no matter what kind of device you use. You used to have to pay $10 extra, but since they’re now included, it’s like you’re getting a $10 bonus!

It’s also the most resources ever included in one of these bundles! Whether you want decluttering and organizing tips, ideas to help you balance all your roleshealthy meal plans, mothering or marriage tips, or anything else related to homemaking, this bundle has you covered.

Curious what the bundle includes?

When you buy the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle, you’ll get access to:

  • 62 eBooks
  • 30 eCourses, videos & audio files
  • 34 printables & workbooks,
  • and 3 membership sites

… all curated to give you an insanely helpful collection of resources to touch every part of your homemaking journey – at a price that’s too good to miss.

Will our homes ever be perfect?


Will these tools make life completely stress-free?


But learning smart strategies and solutions, and saving yourself time and stress trying to figure things out on your own sure does go a long way.

And with a little help, you really can create a home and life that (while imperfect) is pretty stinkin’ awesome. 🙂

That’s how they convince all of these amazing bloggers and product creators to include their products for so little!

For way less than the cost of an unplanned Target shopping trip, you’ll get a complete library to help you:

Move from overwhelmed and living paycheck to paycheck to confident in budgeting with money in the bank. (total value = $161.97)

  • The 90 Day Budget Bootcamp Workbook by Rosemarie Groner ($7.00)
  • Financial Foundations: Everything You Need to Build a Strong Financial Foundation by Jennifer Roskamp ($37.00)
  • Finding Your Greatest Worth: A Starter Kit by Nicole Rule ($49.00)
  • Real Life on a Budget Planner by Jessi Fearon ($19.97)
  • The Complete Grocery Budget Solution by Elise New ($49.00)

 Go from overwhelmed mom to totally in control (total value = $112.98)

  • ADHD Parent Manual by Elaine Taylor-Klaus ($27.00)
  • Create Coping Skills Champions at Home by Janine Halloran ($49.00)
  • Family Culture: Building A Strong Family Identity by Rachel Norman ($12.99)
  • So Many Littles, So Little Time: Worn Out Mom’s Guide to Mothering Little Ones by Amy H. Roberts ($7.99)
  • Unplug + Unlock: The Step by Step Guide to Conquer Screen Time Battles for Good by Julie McCorkle ($16.00)

Declutter your home and take it from chaos to calm in a simple and step by step way (total value = $126.61)

  • Clutter: Sorted: Take Your Home From Chaos to Calm, Step by Step by Chrissy Halton ($67.61)
  • Clutterfree: Declutter Your Home to Create Space for Joy by Christina Tiplea ($49.00)
  • The Clutter Handbook by Clean Mama ($10.00)

Besides being packed with so much great stuff, one of the things I like best about the bundle is the price. By offering it for a short time only, they’re able to give you access to over 129 digital products worth $3,680 — for just $29.97!

(Nope, I’m not kidding. Can you believe it?)

P.S. Did I mention the bonuses?! Choose from bonuses worth more than $180 like free kids’ books from Bookroo, unlimited books, audiobooks and magazines with a 3-month Scribd subscription, or free natural eyeshadow from Orglamix – just to name a few!

Learn more here:

Here’s how it works:

Visit their website, take a quick look at all the goodness that comes in this package, then click the “Get my copy now!” button to go through their simple and secure 3-step checkout process.

You’ll receive an email with a login to their online access portal, where you’ll begin downloading your eBooks, signing up for your eCourses, and redeeming your free bonus offers.

But don’t get overwhelmed… use their Getting Started Guide to pick the topic you want to tackle first and start your stress-less homemaking journey!


Check out the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle right here:

The most important detail, though, is this bundle is available for just six days!

After Monday night, April 16th, the sale ends and you’d have to buy all of these products individually.

I’d hate for you to miss out, so click HERE to learn more or buy the bundle.

It’s even backed by a 100% happiness guarantee, so you can make sure it’s right for you.

Creating a home and life you love is not out of reach. And even though it seems impossible at times, homemaking is a skill you can learn!

Learn more or get your bundle HERE

(Psst… the bundle goes away at 11:59 pm Eastern on Monday, April 16th, so don’t wait!)

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle

Sale Ends

2 thoughts on “Get Ready For The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle 2018 – The Best Way To Beat Overwhelm!

  1. Chantel says:

    Yay for the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle!!!! I purchase this every year! I LOVE it! I’m only sad that I missed the first one in 2013 😉 I’m SUPER excited it’ll be here soon! Thank you for the info on the upcoming bundle!! 😀


    • sometimemom says:

      I agree!!! And I am like you- I want it every year because of the variety of products always changes… and I can’t tell you the products YET but there are a few really awesome ones that I can’t believe!!


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