When Working Harder Isn't Working Anymore, You Have to Start Working Smarter

Write. Publish. Promote. Crickets.

Write. Publish. Promote. Crickets.

Wait a minute…

Nothing’s happening?

No traffic?




Sound familiar?

You aren’t the only one caught in the cycle of thinking you need to post more and more content at a faster and faster rate in order to drive traffic to your website.

It happens to everyone at some point in their blogging journey.



The problem is, working harder isn’t going to solve this particular problem.

Working smarter, however, just might be the solution you’ve been looking for. And with some traffic tips from the amazing Lena Gott, it’s definitely worth a shot to give it a try!

This post contains affiliate links which means that I may be compensated should you choose to purchase anything through them I only suggest products and services that I personally use and love.

You don’t have to wonder how you can implement smarter strategies!

I have learned some amazing ideas from following Lena Gott, blogger at What Mommy Does and author of the go-to resource for better blog traffic – the Traffic Transformation Guide.



But I have a confession…

I purchased her e-book before I started my blog and just knew I would remember to implement her amazing strategies when I officially launched and my traffic would SOAR!

It didn’t.

I wrote, and I published, and I promoted, and I heard crickets.


I tore my hair out for over a month trying to figure out what I was missing and trying to come up with a way to write more, to publish more, and to promote more.

And then I remembered a story that sounded awfully similar to my own…

When you sit around stressing and struggling about not getting traffic after you publish your posts – know that you are not alone.

It feels lonely, I know.

But this is a cycle that almost every online publisher finds themselves in at some point, at least once.


When I finally realized the cycle that I was stuck in, I decided it was time to go back to basics and revisit Lena’s book, whose story of feeling stuck in her blogging journey really struck a chord with my current situation.


I knew that I needed to walk myself and my blog step-by-step through her advice if I was ever going to see the other side of this cricket farm I had built for myself!



The Real Deal- ALL of the steps I am taking based on Lena’s advice!

Table of Contents_preview

Since I am being completely honest…

I will also share that I am an expert at making plans.

I am not an expert at following through with them.

I have plenty of unfinished courses that would likely be super helpful to my blogging journey, but I may not ever get around to finishing them.

  • Maybe the teaching style isn’t what I had hoped for.
  • Maybe the timing isn’t right for where I am at in my blogging journey.
  • Or maybe I just don’t feel a connection to the story behind the material.


But I will tell you that I opened up my dogeared printed copy of Traffic Transformations, dug in, and started seeing changes immediately.



The first change was within me:

I went from being completely overwhelmed to feeling like I could turn things around. Sometimes our mindset is the biggest thing that holds us back – whether we realize it or not.

The second change was my to-do list:

I stopped frantically promoting and posting without a clear plan and started working my way through the 21 Traffic Transformation steps one at a time.


I’m not even close to done, but I feel better about my blog than I have in weeks!


In fact, I was so excited about the progress that I’ve made so far that I reached out to Lena to see if she would share a few insights about traffic for beginning bloggers like me and allow me to share them with others who may not be familiar with her blog and products.

Read on below to see what Lena shared with me!


My number one burning question really hits close to home for anyone who has recently started a blog:

If you could go back to the beginning of your blog, what would you do differently?


lena gott bio pic square_preview

Lena is a CPA turned SAHM of 3 little ones ages 4, 6, and 9. She’s a mommy by day, blogger by night. Join her as she writes about fun kids activities, family finances, and losing 50 lbs after baby #3 at her blog, What Mommy Does!

“That’s a great question!

If I had to go back, I would start investing in blogging education sooner and come up with a content strategy instead of writing about what I wanted, when I felt like it. I realize now that the thing that propels me forward is investing in blogging education, and there’s no need for me to spend an entire year learning something the hard way through trial & error when somebody has already done it before and I can just pay them $50, $100, $200 to just show me. ”

As a blogger, it is so tempting to try and do everything at once. What strategies do you use to stay focused and keep from being overwhelmed?

” I would say to find a blogger or two that you admire and listen to their advice. Join Facebook groups of like-minded bloggers and get their feedback but only take advice from those you know KNOW their stuff. There’s so much bad information circulating out there. But if you always go back to an expert you trust and take their guidance, you’ll be on a good path.

I am the queen of trying too many things at once. Most often, it’s from starting a project, then putting it down because doubt starts to creep in. Self-doubts like, “Who wants this product anyway? Nobody’s gonna buy it so I’m just gonna work on something else for now.”

Self-doubt is the enemy of success. Just put yourself out there and keep your head up even when things seem tough.

And, going back to point #1, don’t be afraid to pay for the tools you need and advice that can help you. If something is hard for you, it comes easily to someone else. And if you are trying to do everything on the cheap, that can quickly overwhelm you. ”

What are the top things you think every blogger needs to have in place to get better traffic?

“I’m a big fan of keeping track of everything in Excel. At the very least, I recommend having a spreadsheet to keep track of your posts (blog post names, URLs, pin URLs, etc.).
Blog traffic isn’t just about churning out more and more content. You’ll have posts do really well and others that flop. You need a way to keep up with the ones that do well because they can keep doing well if you promote them and they will also give you clues as to what to write next.
After a way to track, I’d say a sharing plugin like SumoMe or Social Warfare is non-negotiable, and if you’re on Pinterest then I love Tailwind for that. There’s no reason to share everything in real time and after a certain point, you can’t keep that up. I have over
800 pins…no way I could do that myself without a tool like Tailwind. “


Not only is Lena super down to earth, but she has some great free resources that she happily shares with beginning bloggers as well!

Learn how to boost your blog traffic painlessly with her Blog Traffic Bonus Guide that includes tips to complement the updated version of her Traffic Transformations ebook! Download it for free today —->

Blog Traffic Bonus Guide Facebook_preview

Have you ever tried any of Lena’s tips? What other traffic tips do you have to add?

2 thoughts on “When Working Harder Isn't Working Anymore, You Have to Start Working Smarter

  1. Meagan says:

    I’m working to launch my blog soon! It’ll be a health and lifestyle blog. This was really great info to read, I appreciate you sharing those tips. You seem like someone I’d like to learn from. You had me at What Mommy Does. I can appreciate her posts as well.


    • sometimemom says:

      Meagan, thanks, I am glad you found it helpful! Starting a blog is easy, but growing your traffic and maintaining it as a business is hard work. Make sure you go into it with a clear plan for it – the health and lifestyle niche is a great choice!


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