Black Friday and Cyber Monday Slowing Down Presence Not Presents

Presence Not Presents. Ok, maybe presents…


Presence Not Presents. Ok, maybe presents, too…

I approached Black Friday a lot differently this year, & I must admit…it felt great!

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Slowing Down Presence Not Presents

Every year, I have either been the one working behind the retail counter with bloodshot eyes & a crazy smile or have been awake at the crack of down to score the best spot in line as a shopper.

But this year, I was tired.

I didn’t peruse the sales ads.

I didn’t make a shopping plan.

I didn’t even leave my house.

And it was amazing!


All of those things together are more than enough to make for a radically different Thanksgiving experience.

I wasn’t worried about rushing through our meal because I “had somewhere to be.”

I wasn’t stressed about which sale to hit first & if THAT THING would be sold out.

I was able to actually enjoy spending time with my family over a special meal, content & present.

[bctt tweet=”With the hustle & bustle of the upcoming holidays added to the hurried pace of our everyday lives, being able to slow down, even for a minute, is a priceless gift.” username=”sometimemom”]

However, I plan to totally kill it on Cyber Monday!

I won’t lie & say I haven’t already jumped on a few early deals, but thanks to Amazon I can safely shop in my pj’s (or at my desk) & avoid all of the lines.

If you have kids & haven’t already gotten a Fire tablet (or two or three…) GET ONE NOW!

[amazon_link asins=’B01J94SCAM’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’Sometimemom-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’4d34806f-d320-11e7-b514-83b12d219a02′]

Seriously, I am in love! Both my toddler & 8 year old have one, & the content is curated to be perfectly age-appropriate based on the account settings. I promise, I still love my iPad, but parental controls are such a hassle!

With Amazon Kids Freetime Unlimited, I never have to worry about the girls going to an unprotected website or accidentally pulling up inappropriate content. The peace of mind is totally worth the price tag- & new Kids Fire Tablets come with one year free!

I do almost ALL of my shopping online, whether for Cyber Monday or not, & I highly recommend one of the apps that tracks your purchases & alerts you if there is a price drop. I currently use Paribus, but there are several good options out there.

Be on the lookout for more online shopping tips from me down the road!

Until then,

Happy Shopping!


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