Are You A “Maybe Sometime” Mom, too?

Maybe Sometime you’ll have one of those perfectly pleasurable days you see featured on social media feeds.

Maybe Sometime you will scour Pinterest weeks ahead of the holiday & complete several projects to ensure your super Mom status. 

Maybe Sometime your counters will sparkle, no crumbs will stick to your feet when you walk across the floor, & your endless to do list will finally get done.

Or maybe not.

I am a Maybe Sometime Mom. 

I am guilty of wishing that Maybe Sometime things would just go my way. Of wishing that I wasn’t always needed so dang much. Of idealizing the past & rushing the future.

But you know what?

There’s nothing wrong with that. Nothing at all.

We are all human & we all have our own wants, needs, & desires

As moms, we sacrifice a lot to ensure the health & happiness of those around us. The trick lies in having enough fun along the way to avoid being bitter. To avoid becoming a martyr of our own making.

And as much as I always want to be a “yes” mom, joyfully embarking on every crazy adventure my girls dream up, I cannot. With our crazy schedules, endless commitments, & lengthy bucket lists, I would be lying if I always said yes. But I certainly don’t want to crush their spirits with a quick & thoughtless “no.”

So, instead, I tell them Maybe Sometime.

I say it so much that they now preface requests with “Mom, maybe Sometime can we…”

Like this morning when they wanted to make cupcakes. I told them we would pick up the ingredients at the store & maybe sometime today we could make them.

Spiderweb Halloween cupcakes

And we made Halloween cupcakes!

The important thing is that they know we really will.  Maybe.

Maybe not this time. 

Maybe our schedules will be too hectic to do all of the things for Halloween. But for Christmas? We might.

Maybe I won’t find find out about a school project until the night before & it will be a slapped together mess made of leftovers from our craft box.

Maybe Sometime I will know far enough in advance that we can make that school project sparkle like Dolly Parton.

Maybe Sometime will turn into right now, like it did today. 

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