Getting Myself into Gear

Time for a confession…

I am a dreamer. I am a planner. I am an analyzer. I am incredibly resourceful. 

But I have a problem with commitment. Really, it’s a twofold problem. 

  1. I will commit to doing just about anything Sometime. If the plans aren’t certain, the project not nailed down, or the brainstorming has just begun, count me in!
  2. I cannot bring myself to commit to anything that might box me in. Dinner next week? Maybe… Dinner next Friday at 6? Um, no, I don’t think I can make it.

This also flows out into the dreams I have, the plans I do make, and the decisions I endlessly analyze. I have heard it called “analysis paralysis” and I am certain that I have a textbook case. 

So far, I have failed myself by letting this stop me from jumping into this blog with the gusto that I dreamed about. But today, I resolve that I will not let my indecision get in the way of this blog. I will write, I will share my insights, & I will not worry myself  with getting everything just right.

Maybe sometimes, just getting started is enough.

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